Where you get your medicine matters.

About Us

It should not come as a surprise that people are always amused with the name “Sparkle Pharmacy”, as this is by no means a traditional pharmacy name. People always ask, Why Sparkle, as it seems more relevant for a cleaning company, Optometrist, or maybe a dentist? Michael Luk founded and opened the business in 1984. Michael and his wife went to the CN Tower to celebrate, which at the time had a nightclub called “Sparkles”. This is where they decided to call the pharmacy “Sparkle Pharmacy”. Michael Luk owned and operated Sparkle Pharmacy from 1984 until 2017, where he sold to local resident and current pharmacist Michael Khalil.

At Sparkle, our friendly and loyal staff are committed to serving our customers and patients above and beyond. Much of our staff have been at Sparkle for 10’s of years, including Loretta M, who has proudly worked at Sparkle Pharmacy for over 30 years. The staff take pride in knowing its patient’s and customers by first name.

The pharmacist is available to review your medications with you and address any concerns that you may have. We are here to listen, discuss, collaborate, and offer you advice and expertise. We collaborate with local health and retail providers in the community to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our community.

Our Team

Michael Khalil

Pharmacist, Owner

Michael Khalil purchased the pharmacy in April of 2017 and is excited to be a pharmacy owner in the Town of Aurora. He is a University of Toronto pharmacist, Aurora resident, business owner, member, and advocate for the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, and local business supporter. You can commonly see Michael around town with his family or walking his dog in the Aurora Regency area.

Why Go Independent?

An independent pharmacy means we are owner-operated and managed by the staff. We don’t have the luxury of being a big box store, meaning we need to serve you with our very best, every time!

  • We have access to all the big suppliers, products, and vendors as any other pharmacy
  • We can bring in special requests & hard to find items
  • We offer a 10% seniors discount every day, and often forward it to our loyal and preferred customers too.
  • We try our best to price match
  • At Sparkle pharmacy, you get fast and friendly service
  • No costly membership fees or hidden loyalty costs

Sparkle resembles the original apothecary feel, with a focus on pharmaceutical care, friendly service, and fair prices. Our team and pharmacists discuss and collaborate with you to better understand your health and wellness needs and concerns. The apothecary shop was a place that you could speak with “The Druggist” or “The Chemist”. We like to believe we still do all the above and more.

Proudly Supporting Local Businesses