On-The-Go Pouches (aka PACMED pouches) are personalized medication packages organized by date and time, securely sealed in individual easy-to-open portable pouches. These pouches provide patients and caregivers with an easy way to manage medications with convenience, confidence, and control. Each pouch is made on-site at Sparkle Pharmacy, with an accurate, automated dispensing system, followed by quality control by your trusted pharmacist team. These discreet, convenient, and easy-to-carry pouches are great for travel and
have customizable administration times.

Let us help you take a step towards safer, more effective healthcare. It’s time to experience the ease of On-The-Go Pouches. You take care of your health; let us take care of the details.

Sample PACMED Pouch


  • Free – pay only for your medications, the convenience of On-The-Go Pouches are free
  • Safety – reduce the chance of missed doses or double doses. You get the right medication at the right time
  • Compliance – you know whether you’ve taken or missed a dose
  • Convenience – we do all of the work to organize your medications for you
  • Updated - your packs will always reflect your most current doctor's orders and personal preferences, including vitamins and supplements
  • Independence - help maintain independence for patients managing chronic conditions
  • Convenient - pouches are discreet and easy to carry

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Compliance packaging refers to the dispensing of medications in a clearly organized and labeled package, whether as a blister package or a pouch.
  • The aim of compliance packaging is to assist patient adherence to a prescribed medication regimen and to improve the safe administration of medicine.
  • Compliance packaging is considered another form of packaging and, like the use of vials, must meet the minimum labeling requirements of the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (DPRA).
  • Medication compliance is defined as the extent to which a patient correctly follows medical advice (eg, treatment regimen, lifestyle tips, advice concerning disease management).

This is a free service. We do not charge anything extra for producing your packs. Any charges to the patient (e.g. deductibles and copays) are charged as usual. Nothing Extra. Just remember that this service will free up time at home for you and your loved ones, reduce the risk of error, and is checked for safety and accuracy each time by the pharmacy team.

We can include both prescription and non-prescription medications in your pack. If you have a surplus of vitamins at home, we can put them in your pack for you to eliminate wasting them. Once finished, we will supply the vitamins in your pack and you simply pay for what you use. This helps eliminate the need for buying excessive vitamins that end up not being used.

We will automatically refill the pouch for you at regular intervals and get renewals from your doctor as needed or requested.

The main difference between blister packs and pouches relates to your convenience and preference. E.g. Are you taking most of your doses at home, or On-The-Go?

You can stop anytime. Just let us You can cancel at any time. Simply notify us 1 week before your next expected pouch refill or “run date”. If there is an issue with the service, we kindly ask for any and all feedback to ensure we are servicing as best as possible.