The CH1091 22″ standard wheelchair is a heavy duty wheelchair with a 22″ seat width, weight capacity of 400lbs., steel folding frame, removable arm rests, removable foot rests, maintenance free solid tires and embossed lightweight pvc upholstery. This heavy duty wheelchair is an economical choice for users who require a larger than average wheelchair with a capacity of up to 400 pounds, as loaner wheelchairs for stores and businesses and quite suitable for institutional use. The rugged design of these wheelchairs makes them last for many years with only minor maintenance issues common among all wheelchairs.

Although most people who use wheelchairs for long periods of time throughout the day will usually opt for lightweight wheelchairs, the EZee Life™ heavy duty wheelchairs are perfectly suitable for short excursions and basic transportation needs. Because this model of wheelchair can be propelled by the user or pushed by a care giver, it will provide either independent or dependent mobility.


  • Folding frame
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Economical price
  • 22” Wide seat
  • Maintenance free wheels
  • Solid flat free tires
  • Optional Elevating Legrests
  • 17½” to 19½” Seat Height Range


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